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Start a Training Session

In the time view, swipe the display up or down and tap Training to enter pre-training mode.

Choose the sport profile you want to use by swiping up or down.

Stay in the pre-training mode until the A370 has found your heart rate to make sure your training data is accurate.

The heart icon begins to display your heart rate when it’s detected.

When you're wearing a Polar heart rate sensor that's paired with your A370, the A370 automatically uses the connected sensor to measure your heart rate during training sessions. A blue circle around the heart rate symbol indicates that your A370 uses the connected sensor to measure your heart rate.

If you use your mobile's location, the GPS icon with static circle will show you when the location is fixed and you can start tracking your training session.

Tap the chosen sport icon to start the session.


See Functions During Training for more information on what you can do with your A370 during training.

To pause a training session, press the button. Paused is displayed and the A370 goes to pause mode. To continue your training session, tap the green arrows icon.

To stop a training session, press and hold the button during training recording or in pause mode until the session summary comes up. Or you can tap and hold the red stop icon for three seconds to end the recording.

Start a training session with a target

You can plan your training and create detailed training targets in the Flow web service and sync them to your A370 with Flowsync software or Flow app. Your A370 will guide you towards completing your target during training.

To start a training session with a target:

  1. Go to My day.
  2. Choose the target from the list by tapping it.
  3. Choose the sport you want to use by tapping its icon.
  4. Training display comes up and you can start training.