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Activity Guide

The Activity Guide feature shows how active you've been during the day, and tells you how much you need to still do to reach the recommendations for physical activity per day. You can check how you’re doing in reaching your activity goal for the day either from your A370, from the Polar Flow mobile app or from the Polar Flow web service.

Note that your training session information is not included in the daily activity data. In other words, the steps, the distance, the active time and the calories as well as the overall progress towards reaching your daily activity goal that are shown under the My day menu on your fitness tracker, and under Activity in the Polar Flow mobile app and web service, represent all the other activity you perform during the day, in addition to any recorded training session.

Activity Guide on the A370

Some of the watch faces on your A370 show your progress towards your daily activity goal.

Under My day menu item you can see Activity card that shows your Activity for the day in more detail. Here you can see the percentage of how much of your day's activity goal you've reached. The same is visualized also with an activity bar.

Tap the bar to see an example how to reach your goal for the day. 'Up' means low intensity, 'walking' means medium intensity, and 'jogging' means high intensity activities. With practical guidance like '50 min walking' or '20 min jogging´, you can choose how to reach your goal. You'll find more examples for low, medium and high intensity activities at the Polar Flow web service and Polar Flow app.

For more information, see 24/7 Activity Tracking.