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Sport Profiles

We have created eight default sport profiles to your A300. In the Flow web service you can add new sport profiles and sync them to your A300, and this way create a list of all your favorite sports. You can also define some specific settings for each sport profile. For example, set training sounds off in yoga sport profile. For more information, see Sport Profile Settings and Sport Profiles in Flow Web Service.

Using sport profiles makes it possible for you to keep up with what you've done and see the progress you've made in different sports. You can do this in the Flow web service.

Please note that in a number of indoor sports, group sports and team sports profiles the HR visible to other devices setting is enabled by default. This means that compatible devices using Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, e.g. gym equipment, can detect your heart rate. You can check which sport profiles have Bluetooth broadcasting enabled by default from the Polar Sport profiles list. You can enable or disable Bluetooth broadcasting from sport profile settings.