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Polar A300 User Manual


This user manual helps you get started with your new A300. To check the video tutorials and the latest version of this user manual, go to

Polar A300

Monitor your activities in your everyday life and see how they benefit your health. You'll get tips on how to reach your daily activity goal. Check your goal from the Flow app or Flow web service. Change the wristband and accessorize any outfit! You can buy additional wristbands separately.

USB cable

A product set includes a standard USB cable. You can use it for charging the battery and syncing data between your A300 and Flow web service via FlowSync software.

Polar Flow App

View your activity and training data at a glance. Flow app syncs your activity and training data wirelessly to the Polar Flow web service. Get it on the App StoreSM or Google playTM.

Polar FlowSync Software

Polar FlowSync syncs your data between your A300 and the Polar Flow web service on your computer. Go to to start using your A300 and to download and install the FlowSync software.

Polar Flow Web Service

Plan your training, follow your achievements, get guidance and see detailed analyses of your activity and training results. Let all your friends know about your achievements. Find all this at

H7 Heart Rate Sensor

Wearing your A300 together with a heart rate sensor, you can get more out of your daily sports. See live, accurate heart rate on your A300 during training. Your heart rate information is used to analyze how your session went. The Polar H7 heart rate sensor detects your heart rate also when swimming.

Only included in A300 with heart rate sensor sets. If you bought a set that doesn't include a heart rate sensor, not to worry, you can always buy one later.