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Button Functions and Menu Structure

Button Functions

A300 has five buttons that have different functions depending on the situation of use. See the image below to find out what functions the buttons have in different modes.


  • In any view, except during training, pressing UP, DOWN, START or BACK turns on a dim backlight. To turn on a brighter backlight, press the LIGHT button.
  • To lock and unlock buttons press and hold LIGHT in time view or during training session.
  • To change the watch face press and hold UP in time view.
  • To sync your A300 with Flow app press and hold BACK in time view.
  • To return to the time view from menu press hand hold BACK.
  • To lock/unlock a zone during training session press and hold START.
  • To end your training session press and hold BACK for 3 seconds.

Menu Structure

Enter and browse through the menu by pressing UP or DOWN. Confirm selections with the START button, and return with the BACK button.

In the menu you'll find:

If you have added some training targets as favorites in the Flow web service, you'll also find Favorites in the menu.

If you have created training targets in the Flow web service and transferred them to your A300, you'll also find Targets in the menu.