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Polar Flow App

Polar Flow app allows you to see an instant visual interpretation of your activity and training data offline whenever you want.

Get details of your 24/7 activity. Find out what you're missing from your daily goal and how to reach it. See steps, covered distance, burned calories and sleep time. Get inactivity alerts when it's time to get up and move.

Flow app lets you easily access your training targets and view fitness test results.Get a quick overview of your training and analyze every detail of your performance right away. See the weekly summaries of your training in the training diary.

To start using the Flow app, download it from App Store or Google Play onto your mobile. Flow App for iOS is compatible with iPhone 4S (or later) and needs Appleā€™s iOS 7.0 (or later). Polar Flow mobile app for Android is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 or later. For support and more information about using Polar Flow app, go to Before taking a new mobile device (smartphone, tablet) into use, it has to be paired with your A300. For more information, see Pairing.

To see your training data in Flow app, you must sync your A300 with it after your session. When you sync your A300 with the Flow app, your activity and training data are also synced automatically via an internet connection to the Flow web service. Flow app is the easiest way to sync your training data from your A300 with the web service. For information on syncing, see Syncing.