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Set up your A300

When you get hold of your new A300, it’s in storage mode. It wakes up when you plug it to a computer for setup or a USB charger for charging. We recommend that you charge the battery before you start using your A300. If the battery is completely empty, it takes a couple of minutes for the charging to start. See Batteries for detailed information on charging the battery, battery operating times and low battery notifications.

To make sure you get to enjoy your A300 at its best, please start using it as follows:

  1. Go to and install the FlowSync software to set up your A300 and keep it up to date.
  2. Detach the wristband as described in chapter Wristband.
  3. Plug your A300 to your computer either directly (A) or with the USB cable (B) for set up and charging the battery. Make sure the cable is right way up - the USB symbols of the device and the cable should be next to each other (picture 2). Make sure that the A300 is dry before connecting it to the computer.
  4. Then we’ll walk you through setting up your A300 and signing up to the Flow web service.

    To get the most accurate and personal activity and training data, it’s important that you’re precise with the settings when signing up to the web service.

After the setup is done, you’re ready to go. Have fun!

Quick set up

If you’re in a hurry for your first active day with your A300, you can do a quick set up to get you going.

If you do the quick setup, you can use your A300 only in English. If you choose a language other than English, you will be guided to go to to get the language. When taking A300 into use with the Flow web service, you can add another language during the setup.

1. Detach the wristband and plug your A300 into a computer or a USB charger to wake it up and charge the battery. If the battery is completely empty, it takes a couple of minutes for the charging to start.

2. Set up your A300 by entering the basic settings on the device.

Basic settings

To get the most accurate and personal training data, it’s important that you’re precise with your physical settings, as they have an effect on calorie calculation as well as all the other Smart Coaching features.

Set up Polar A300 is displayed. Set the following data, and confirm each selection with the START button. If at any point you want to return and change a previous setting, press BACK.

  1. Set time format : Choose 12 h or 24 h. With 12 h, select AM or PM. Then set the local time.
  2. Date format : Choose date format and then enter the current date.
  3. Units : Choose Metric (kg, cm) or Imperial (lb, ft) units.
  4. Date of birth : Enter your date of birth.
  5. Set weight : Enter your weight.
  6. Set height : Enter your height.
  7. Choose sex : Select Male or Female.

3. Ready to go! is displayed when you’re done with the settings, and A300 goes to time view.

To get accurate activity and training data and to make sure you get the latest software, please do the setup in the Flow web service as described earlier.