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Physical Settings

To view and edit your physical settings, go to Settings > Physical settings. It is important that you're precise with the physical settings, as they have an impact on the accuracy of the values that are measured by your A300, such as the heart rate zone limits and calorie expenditure.

In Physical settings you'll find:

  • Weight: Set your weight in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs).
  • Height: Set your height in centimeters (metric) or in feet and inches (imperial).
  • Date of birth: Set your birthday. The order in which the date settings are depends on which time and date format you have chosen (24h: day - month - year / 12h: month - day - year).
  • Sex: Select Male or Female.

Please complete your settings in the Flow web service to get accurate activity data and activity goal, and to be able to use all features on your A300.