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Keep your activity and training data up-to-date between your Polar Loop 2, the Polar Flow web service and the Polar Flow mobile app wherever you are. You can sync your data wirelessly to the mobile app and via mobile app or USB cable to Polar Flow web service.

To keep your data safe, sync your Polar Loop 2 before it's memory comes full, of which your Polar Loop 2 will notify you with MEM. FULL message. See more information in Display messages.

Sync with Flow App

The data is synced from your Polar Loop 2 to Polar Flow app via Bluetooth and from Polar Flow app to Polar Flow web service via an internet connection. Your Polar Loop 2 syncs the data automatically to the Polar Flow app for iOS, when you reach your daily activity goal, when you get an inactivity alert and after you've stopped training with a heart rate sensor. You can also sync your data any time by tapping the touch button of your Polar Loop 2. Pressing the button will start the synchronization if there hasn't been one in the last 15 minutes. Sync to Polar Flow app works, if the Flow app is running on your mobile device, at least in the background, your phone is within the range of 10 m / 33 ft from your Polar Loop 2, and the Bluetooth is turned on in your mobile device.

To sync data from Polar Loop 2 to Polar Flow app for Android, start the app and tap the touch button on your Polar Loop 2. For more detailed instructions, visit

For support and more information about using Polar Flow app, go to

Sync With Flow Web Service Via FlowSync

To sync data with the Polar Flow web service you need FlowSync software. You've already installed the software, when you set up your Polar Loop 2.

  1. Plug your Polar Loop 2 into your computer with the USB cable. Make sure FlowSync software is running on your computer.
  2. The FlowSync window opens on your computer, and the syncing starts.
  3. Completed is displayed when you're done.

Every time you plug your Polar Loop 2 into your computer, the Polar FlowSync software will transfer your data to the Polar Flow web service and sync any settings you may have changed. If the syncing does not automatically start, start FlowSync from the desktop icon (Windows) or from the applications folder (Mac OS X).

Every time a firmware update is available, FlowSync will notify you and request you to install it.

If you change settings in the Flow web service while your Polar Loop 2 is plugged into your computer, press the synchronize button on FlowSync to transfer to the settings to your Polar Loop 2.

For support and more information about using the Flow web service, go to

For support and more information about using FlowSync software, go to