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Polar Flow web service

You've joined Polar Flow web service when setting up your Polar Loop 2. The web service shows your activity goal and the details of your activity, and helps you understand how your daily habits and choices affect your well-being. Analyze every detail of your heart rate training and learn more about your performance and progress. You can also share the highlights of your activity and training with your followers.


In Feed you can see what you and your friends have been up to lately. Check out the latest activity summaries and training sessions, share your best achievements, comment and like your friends' activities.


In Explore you can browse the map and see other users' shared training sessions with route information. You can also relive other people’s routes and see where the highlights happened.


In Diary you can see your daily activity and review past training results. You can choose to see your activity and training history in month or week view, along with a monthly or weekly summary in addition to the daily view.


In Progress you can follow your development with reports. Reports are a handy way to follow your progress in training over longer periods.