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Customize the Bracelet Size

Follow these steps to make Polar Loop 2 your own by adjusting it to your wrist size.

  1. Open the buckle by pressing the buckle side buttons.

  2. Detach the buckle from both ends.

    Take the buckle tool that came in the box and pop the spring bars out with it. Then remove the buckle from the bracelet.

  3. Measure your wrist size.

    Cut the measuring tool from the getting started guide along the dotted line.

    Wrap it around your wrist and take note of the numbers you get. There's one number for both ends of the bracelet. Each number represents the number of blocks between the grooves inside your bracelet you need to take off.

    The bracelet is more comfortable to wear when it is a bit loose.


  4. Trim the bracelet carefully from both ends.

    To make sure the display will be in the center, it's important that you shorten the bracelet from both ends.

    Count as many blocks from one end as the number you measured. Follow the straight line in the groove and between the spring bar holes and then carefully cut the bracelet.

    Be careful not to cut into the spring bar holes.

    Repeat the action to the other side of the bracelet.


  5. Put the buckle back on.

    Take one spring bar and place it inside the first hole at the end of the bracelet and put one end of the spring bar in the buckle’s spring bar hole.

    Use the tool to ease the other end of the spring bar inside the other spring bar hole in the buckle.

    Do the same on the other end of the bracelet.

    If you have problems reattaching the buckle, make sure the cutting line is straight. Trim the bracelet if necessary.


  6. Try the bracelet on to see if it fits.

    You can adjust the length if needed by moving one of the buckle spring bars to the outer spring bar hole until it fits perfectly. Or, if necessary, trim the bracelet once more by one block at a time.

    If you accidentally make Polar Loop 2 bracelet too short, contact your retailer or Polar customer care within one month of purchase date to get a replacement bracelet for free.