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Polar Flow mobile app

With the Polar Flow mobile app you can follow and analyze your activity data on the go and have your data synced wirelessly from your Polar Loop 2 to the Polar Flow service.

Polar Flow app allows you to see an instant visual interpretation of your activity and training data whenever you want.

Get details of your 24/7 activity. Find out what you're missing from your daily goal and how to reach it. See steps, covered distance, burned calories and sleep time. Get inactivity alerts when it's time to get up and move.

If you've used a heart rate sensor in your training sessions, you can also get a closer look at your training results on the go. Just select the training session you want to examine and you will see the heart rate curve with maximum and average heart rate, calories burned as well as fat percentage of the calories burned. You can also check the time spent at fat burning and fitness improvement zones and read more about Training Benefit. The Training Benefit feature gives motivating feedback about your training session and tells about the effects of your exercise. Please note: Training Benefit is available only if your training session lasted for more than ten minutes in a heart rate zone higher than 50% of your maximum heart rate.

To start using the Flow app, download it from App Store or Google Play to your mobile.

For support and more information about using Polar Flow app, go to

Before taking a new mobile device (smartphone, tablet) into use, it has to be paired with your Polar Loop 2. For more information, see Get the Polar Flow mobile app.

Please note: to use Polar Loop 2 with the Polar Flow mobile app, you need to set up the product with your computer. More information about the product setup see Get Started.