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Firmware update

You can update the firmware of your Polar Loop 2 to keep it up to date. Whenever a new firmware version is available, FlowSync will notify you when you connect your Polar Loop 2 to your computer. The firmware updates are downloaded via FlowSync. Also Polar Flow mobile app will notify you when new firmware is available, but the update can't be done via the mobile app.

Firmware updates are performed to improve the functionality of your Polar Loop 2. They can include improvements to existing features, completely new features or bug fixes.

To update the firmware, you must have:

  • A Flow web service account (Polar account)
  • Installed FlowSync software
  • Registered your Polar Loop 2 in the Flow web service

To update the firmware:

  1. Plug your Polar Loop 2 into your computer with the USB cable.
  2. FlowSync starts syncing your data.
  3. After syncing, you are asked to update the firmware.
  4. Choose Yes. New firmware is installed (this may take some time), and Polar Loop 2 restarts.

You won't lose any data due to the firmware update: Before the update begins, the data from your Polar Loop 2 is synced to the Flow web service.