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Speed and distance from the wrist

Your watch measures speed and distance from your wrist movements with a built-in accelerometer. This feature comes in handy when running indoors or in places with limited GPS signals. For maximum accuracy make sure you’ve set your handedness and height correctly. Speed and distance from the wrist works best when running at a pace that is natural and feels comfortable for you.

Wear your watch snugly on your wrist to avoid any shaking. To get consistent readings it should always be worn on the same position on your wrist. Avoid wearing any other devices like watches, activity trackers or phone armbands on the same arm. In addition, do not hold anything in the same hand like a map or a phone.

Speed and distance from the wrist is available in the following running type sports: Walking, Running, Jogging, Road running, Trail running, Treadmill running, Track and field running and Ultra running. To see speed and distance during a training session, make sure you have speed and distance added to the training view of the sport profile you use when running. This can be done in Sport Profiles in the Polar Flow mobile app or in the Flow web service.