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General settings

To view and edit your general settings, go to Settings > General settings.

In General settings you'll find:

  • Pair and sync
  • Bike settings (Visible only if you have paired a cycling sensor with your watch)
  • Continuous HR tracking
  • Recovery tracking
  • Flight mode
  • Do not disturb
  • Phone notifications
  • Units
  • Language
  • Inactivity alert
  • Vibrations
  • I wear my watch on
  • Positioning satellites
  • About your watch

Pair and sync

  • Pair and sync phone/Pair sensor or other device: Pair sensors or mobile devices with your watch. Sync data with Flow app.
  • Paired devices: View all the devices you have paired with your watch. These can include heart rate sensors, running sensors, cycling sensors and mobile devices.

Bike settings

Bike settings are visible only if you have paired a cycling sensor with your watch.

  • Wheel size: Set the wheel size in millimeters. For instructions on measuring the wheel size, see Pairing sensors with your watch.
  • Crank length: Set the crank length in millimeters. The setting is visible only if you have paired a power sensor.
  • Sensors in use: View all the sensors you have linked to the bike.

Continuous HR tracking

Turn the Continuous Heart Rate feature On, Off or Night-time only. If you choose Night-time only, set heart rate tracking to begin at the earliest time you might go to bed.

For more information, see Continuous Heart Rate.

Recovery tracking

Choose how to track your recovery.

  • Use Recovery Pro for specific guidance on balancing your training load and recovery, based on Orthostatic tests and recovery questions. When set on the watch asks you to schedule an Orthostatic test for at least three days a week. Choose the days, and choose Save. For information, see Recovery Pro.
  • Choose Nightly Recharge for automatic recovery tracking and tips, based on overnight measurements. The watch asks you to turn on the Continuous heart rate tracking feature if it's not on already. Continuous heart rate tracking needs to be enabled for Nightly Recharge to function. Choose On or Night-time only. If you choose Night-time only, set heart rate tracking to begin at the earliest time you might go to bed.

Flight mode

Choose On or Off.

Flight mode cuts off all wireless communication from your watch. You can still use it, but you can't sync your data with the Polar Flow mobile app or use it with any wireless accessories.

Do not disturb

Choose Off, On or On ( - ) . Set the period when do not disturb is on. Choose when it Starts at and Ends at. When it is set on, you will not get any notifications or call alerts. The backlight activation gesture and sounds are also disabled.

Phone notifications

Set phone notifications Off or On, when not training. Note that you will not receive any notifications during training sessions.


Choose metric (kg, cm) or imperial (lb, ft). Set the units used to measure weight, height, distance and speed.


You can choose the language you want to use on your watch. Your watch supports the following languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Čeština, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português, Русский, Suomi, Svenska or Türkçe.

Inactivity alert

Set the inactivity alert On or Off.


Set vibrations for scrolling menu items On or Off.

I wear my watch on

Choose Left hand or Right hand.

Positioning satellites

From firmware version 4.0.11 onwards you can change the satellite navigation system your watch uses in addition to GPS. The setting is located on your watch in General settings > Positioning satellites. You can choose GPS + GLONASS, GPS + Galileo or GPS + QZSS. The default setting is GPS + GLONASS. These options give you the possibility to test different satellite navigation systems and find out if they can give you improved performance in areas covered by them.


GLONASS is a Russian global satellite navigation system. It is the default setting as its global satellite visibility and reliability is the best of these three, and in general we recommend using it.

GPS + Galileo

Galileo is a global navigation satellite system created by the European Union. It is still under development and is estimated to be ready by the end of 2020.


QZSS is a four-satellite regional time transfer system and a satellite-based augmentation system developed to enhance GPS in the Asia-Oceania regions, with a focus on Japan.

About your watch

Check the device ID of your watch, as well as the firmware version, HW model, A-GPS expiry date and the Vantage V-specific regulatory labels.

Restart your watch: If you experience problems with your watch, you can try restarting it. Restarting the watch will not delete any of the settings or your personal data from the watch. Press the OK button and then press OK again to confirm the restart. You can also restart your watch by pressing and holding the OK button for 10 seconds.