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Button functions and gestures

You watch has five buttons that have different functionalities depending on the situation of use. See the tables below to find out what functionalities the buttons have in different modes.

Time view and menu


Illuminate the display

In time view, press to view the battery status symbol

Press and hold to lock buttons and touch display

Enter the menu

Return to the previous level

Leave settings unchanged

Cancel selections

Press and hold to return to time view from menu

In time view, press and hold to start pairing and syncing

Confirm the selection shown on the display

Press and hold to enter pre-training mode

Press to view more details about the information shown on the watch face


Change the watch face in time view

Move through selection lists

Adjust a selected value

Pre-training mode


Illuminate the display

Press and hold to lock buttons

Press to enter quick menu

Return to time view

Start a training session

Move through sports list

During training


Illuminate the display

Press and hold to lock buttons

Pause training by pressing once

To stop the session, press and hold when paused

Mark a lap

Continue training recording when paused

Change training view

Color touch display

The always-on color touch display lets you easily swipe between watch faces, through lists and menus, as well as choose items by tapping the display.

  • Swipe up or down to scroll.
  • In time view, swipe left or right to switch between the watch faces. Each watch face shows you an overview of different information.
  • Tap the display to see more detailed information.

Note that the touch display is disabled during training sessions. To ensure proper function of the touch display wipe any dirt, sweat or water off the display with a cloth. The touch display won’t respond properly when trying to use it wearing gloves.

View Notifications

Swipe up from the bottom of the display to view notifications. The dot at the bottom of the display indicates if you have any new notifications.

Tap feature

Tap the display firmly with two fingers to take a lap during a training session. Note that the tap feature is not a touch display feature.

Backlight activation gesture

The backlight is automatically switched on when you turn your wrist to look at the watch.