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The barometer features include:

  • Altitude, ascent and descent
  • Temperature during training (can be viewed on the display)
  • Inclinometer (Requires Speed Sensor Bluetooth® Smart)
  • Altitude-compensated calories

M450 measures altitude with an atmospheric air pressure sensor and converts the measured air pressure into an altitude reading. This is the most accurate way to measure altitude and altitude changes (ascent / descent) after calibration. Ascent and descent are shown in meters/feet. Uphill/downhill steepness is shown in percentages and grade, and is only visible during training when using a Speed Sensor Bluetooth® Smart.

To make sure that the altitude reading remains accurate, it needs to be calibrated whenever a reliable reference, such as a peak or a topographic map, is available or when at sea level. Pressure variations due to weather conditions, or indoor air-conditioning, may affect altitude readings.

The temperature shown is the temperature of your M450.

Altitude is automatically calibrated with GPS, and it will be shown in gray until it's calibrated. To get the most accurate altitude readings, it's recommended to always calibrate altitude manually when you know your current altitude. Manual calibration can be done in the pre-training view or in the training view quick menu. For more information, see Quick Menu.