How do I change the battery to my heart rate sensor?

Your heart rate sensor battery may need replacing if:

  • training computer does not show heart rate reading
  • heart rate reading is erratic or stays unchanged for a long time
  • heart symbol does not blink.

For information on possible sources for transmission interference, see Abnormal heart rate readings during the exercise.

When changing the battery of your training computer at Polar Service Center, have your heart rate sensor battery checked as well.

Sensor pairing is needed after update / battery replacement, if you use H10 or H9 with Polar Ignite, M200, M400, M430, V650, Vantage M, Vantage V or 3rd party app / device.

I have a heart rate sensor with a textile strap

Average battery lifetime of a heart rate sensors can be found in the product user manual.

You can change the sensor battery yourself. If you'd like help, please contact your closest Polar Service Center to have it changed for you.

To change battery yourself, see the instruction video for H1/H9/H10 or check out your sensor user manual for instructions.

If your heart rate sensor is under warranty, we recommend that the battery be changed by a Polar Service Center.

With good care your heart rate sensor lasts longer. Washing the heart rate sensor regularly ensures reliable measurement and maximizes its life span. See here for product-specific care and maintenance instructions.

I have a Polar T31C transmitter

The average battery lifetime of  T31C Transmitter is 2500 hours of use.

When the battery dies, you will need to replace the whole heart rate sensor (structure of the transmitter is sealed). 

With good care your T31C Transmitter will last longer. Washing the heart rate sensor regularly and never storing it wet ensures reliable measurement and maximizes its life span. See here for detailed care and maintenance instructions.

Do not dispose of this product as unsorted municipal waste. To minimize possible effects of waste on the environment, please follow local waste disposal regulations and, where possible, utilize separate collection of electronic devices.

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