RCX5 User Manual



Basic settings, Basic Settings
Battery symbol, Frequently Asked Questions
Bike settings, Bike Settings
Blank display, Frequently Asked Questions
Button functions, Button Functions, Button Functions During Training
Buttons do not react, Frequently Asked Questions


Cadence sensor pairing, Pairing a New Cadence Sensor With Training Computer
Calibration, Calibrate the Polar s3+ Stride Sensor
Calibration by running, Calibration by Running Wizard
Calibration manually , Set Calibration Factor Manually
Care instructions,
Change batteries, Changing Batteries
Connection settings, Connection Settings
Create new sport profiles, Sport Profile Settings
Cycling settings, Cycling Settings


Delete files, Delete Files


Fitness Level Classes for men, After the Test
Fitness Level Classes for women, After the Test
Fitness Test, Polar Fitness Test


Heart rate settings, Heart Rate Settings
HeartTouch, HeartTouch
HRmax, Maximum Heart Rate


Measure wheel size, Measuring Wheel Size
Memory full, Frequently Asked Questions
Memory low, Frequently Asked Questions
Menu , Menu Structure
Minimizing risks, Minimizing Risks When Training
Modify settings,
Multisport training, Use RCX5 in Multisport Training
Multisport training file, Multisport Training File


Night mode, Night Mode


Pause recording, Pause/ Stop Training Recording
Pause training, Pause Training
Personalize display, Personalize the Training Computer Display
Precautions , Precautions


Quick menu , Quick menu
Quick menu in Pre-training mode , Pre-training mode
Quick menu in Time mode , Time Mode
Quick menu in Training mode , Training Mode


Race pace, , Polar RCX5 Training Computer Parts, Train With Race Pace , Polar Race Pace
Reminder, Reminder
Remove pairings, Connection Settings
Reset totals, Reset Totals
Reset trip, Reset Trip
Reset week summaries, Reset Week Summaries
Running Cadence, Running Cadence and Stride Length
Running Index, Polar Running Index
Running settings, Running Settings


Service, Service
Set heart rate view , Heart Rate Settings
Set zone lock , Heart Rate Settings
Set ZoneOptimizer , Heart Rate Settings
Speed sensor pairing, Pairing a New Speed Sensor With Training Computer
Sport profiles, Sport Profiles
Sport profile settings, Sport Profile Settings
Sport Zones, Polar Sport Zones
Start training, Start Training
Stop recording, Pause/ Stop Training Recording
Stride length, Running Cadence and Stride Length
Stride sensor pairing, Pairing a New Stride Sensor With Training Computer
Swimming settings, Swimming Settings


User information settings, User Information Settings
Using a new accessory,
Using new transmitter, Using a New Transmitter


Watch face, Watch Settings
Watch settings, Watch Settings
Water resistance, Technical Specifications
Week summaries, Week Summaries