RCX5 User Manual


Polar RCX5 Training Computer Parts

Polar RCX5 training computer provides you with data you need to enhance your training performance, and also saves the data for later analysis.



Comfortable Polar WearLink®+ Hybrid transmitter sends ECG-accurate heart rate signal to the training computer over the 2.4GHz W.I.N.D. and the 5kHz (in water activities) technology, both proprietary to Polar. The transmitter consists of a strap and a connector.



Transfer data between the training computer and polarpersonaltrainer.com with Polar DataLink data transfer unit and WebSync 2.3 (or newer) software. Plug your DataLink into a USB port on your computer, and it detects your training computer with W.I.N.D. technology.


The polarpersonaltrainer.com web service

The polarpersonaltrainer.com web service is tailored to support your training goals. There you can

  • create and download the Polar Endurance training programs onto to your training computer and utilize them in your training.

  • store your training files for a long-term follow-up.

  • analyze and follow your progress in the training diary.

  • analyze training intensity and needed recovery time using the training load feature.

  • challenge your friends to a virtual sports competition and interact with other sports enthusiasts.

Data from all compatible sensors is sent wirelessly to the training computer over the 2.4GHz W.I.N.D. technology, proprietary to Polar. This eliminates interference during training. During swimming the data is sent from the Polar WearLink® Hybrid transmitter to the training computer over the 5kHz technology, proprietary to Polar.

Register your Polar product at http://register.polar.fi/ to ensure we can keep improving our products and services to better meet your needs.

The username for your Polar Account is always your email address. The same username and password are valid for Polar product registration, polarpersonaltrainer.com, Polar discussion forum and Newsletter registration.

Optional Accessories

Optional Polar s3+ stride sensor wirelessly measures speed/pace, distance, running cadence and stride length.


Optional Polar G3/G5 GPS sensor transmits speed/pace, distance and location data, as well as track information to RCX5, which records and displays the data for later analysis.


Optional Polar CS cadence sensor W.I.N.D. wirelessly measures cycling cadence, i.e. your real-time and average pedaling rate as revolutions per minute.


Optional Polar CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. wirelessly measures cycling distance and your real-time, average and maximum speeds.

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