RCX5 User Manual


Congratulations on your purchase of a new Polar RCX5 training computer! It is a complete training system for multisport and endurance athletes, and supports your training from planning through training to analyzing.

This user manual includes complete instructions, helping you to get the most out of your training computer.

The latest version of this user manual can be downloaded at www.polar.fi/support. For video tutorials, go to http://www.polar.fi/en/support/video_tutorials.

  • Polar ZoneOptimizer feature measurement takes into account your body's current physiological state and adjusts Sport Zones values so that you are able to get the same physiological response when training in Sport Zones on different days. Zone Optimizer feature makes usage of Sport Zones more accurate in single training and in long-term follow-up.

  • Polar Endurance programs for running and cycling are personalized training programs for your personal fitness level. Training program guides you to train in the correct way by defining the training volume, training intensity and training placement on weekdays for optimal fitness improvement. Training program works together with Polar ZoneOptimizer feature, and the training program sessions are modified according to your present condition.

  • The RCX5 training computer has four default Sport profiles for you to choose from. You can also create your own sport profiles in WebSync software and download them onto your training computer using DataLink data transfer unit. It is easy to switch sport profiles during training, no need to stop, do it on-the-fly.

  • Cumulative training load graph is available in polarpersonaltrainer.com. Transfer training results from your training computer to polarpersonaltrainer.com and follow your training load and recovery in the training diary. Continuous monitoring of training load and recovery will help you recognize personal limits, avoid over- or under training, and adjust training intensity and duration according to your daily and weekly targets.

  • Polar WearLink®+ Hybrid transmitter also works in water activities.

  • Race Pace feature helps you to keep a steady pace, and achieve your target time for a set distance.

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