RCX5 User Manual


Basic Settings

Before using your training computer for the first time, customize the basic settings. Enter as accurate data as possible to ensure correct feedback based on your performance.

Activate your training computer, by pressing OK. Select language is displayed. You can select from Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Suomi or Svenska and accept with OK. Please enter basic settings is displayed. Press OK and adjust the following data:

  1. Time: Select 12h or 24h. With 12h, select AM or PM. Enter the local time.

  2. Date: Enter current date.

  3. Units: Select metric (kg/cm) or imperial (lb/ft) units.

  4. Weight: Enter your weight.

  5. Height: Enter your height. In LB/FT format, first enter feet then inches.

  6. Date of birth: Enter your date of birth.

  7. Sex: Select Male or Female.

  8. Settings OK? is displayed. To change your settings, press BACK until you return to the desired setting. To accept the settings, press OK and the training computer goes to the time mode.

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Button Functions and Menu Structure

Button Functions

The training computer has five buttons that have different functionalities depending on the situation of use.






  • Illuminate the display

  • With a long press you can enter QUICK MENU to edit different settings in different modes. For more information, see Quick menu.

  • Pause training recording by pressing BACK once

  • Stop training recording by pressing BACK twice

  • Exit the menu

  • Return to previous level

  • Leave settings unchanged

  • Cancel selections

  • With a long press, return to time mode from any mode

  • Confirm selections

  • Start a training session

  • Take a lap

  • With a long press, lock your heart rate to the current sport zone in Training mode when training without preset target zones

  • Move through selection lists

  • Adjust a selected value

  • Change the watch face with long press

  • With a long press, zoom the upmost row information in Training mode

  • Move through selection lists

  • Adjust a selected value

  • Switch between Time 1 and Time 2 with a long press in time mode

  • With a long press, zoom lowest row information in Training mode

Menu Structure



Program will appear in the menu only if you have created and downloaded an Endurance program from polarpersonaltrainer.com. For more information, see Polar Endurance Training Program for Running and Cycling


Follow up on your training data. For more information, see 6. After Training.


Personalize your training computer and select the necessary features for each of the sport profiles to suit your training. For more information, see 8. Settings.


  • Fitness Test

    To train right and to monitor your progress, it is important to know your current fitness level. The Polar Fitness Test is an easy and quick way to measure your cardiovascular fitness and aerobic capacity. The test is performed at rest. The test result is a value called OwnIndex. OwnIndex is comparable to maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max ), which is a commonly used aerobic capacity measure. For more information, see Polar Fitness Test.

  • Race Pace

    You can define a target time for a set distance, for example, to run 10 kilometers in 45 minutes. During training recording this target pace/speed is compared with training information. For more information, see Polar Race Pace.


For a long-term follow-up, store all your training files in polarpersonaltrainer.com web service. There you can view information of your training data and get a better understanding of your training. Polar DataLink data transfer unit and WebSync software make it easy to transfer training files to the web service. For more information, see 7. Data Transfer

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