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Choosing training mode

The Polar Verity Sense has three training modes: heart rate mode, recording mode and swimming mode.

Please note that before you use the sensor in recording or swimming mode, it needs to be connected to your Polar Flow account. This is done during the set up. If you haven't done the set up as instructed in Setting up your Verity Sense, you can only use the sensor in heart rate mode.

  1. In heart rate mode you can connect the sensor to a compatible device or app and follow your heart rate in real time during your training session. For detailed instructions, see Training in heart rate mode.
  2. In recording mode you can store your training session into the sensor's internal memory and transfer your training data to Polar Flow app or web service afterwards. For detailed instructions, see Training in recording mode.
  3. In swimming mode the sensor records and stores your heart rate, distance and pace automatically when swimming in a pool. For detailed instructions, see Training in swimming mode.

You can choose the mode after turning on the sensor by pressing the button shortly until the LED next to the mode you want to use lights up. After your choice, wait until all six LEDs light up. The sensor is then ready to measure - just wear it and start training. Please note that the mode is now locked and can only be changed by switching the sensor off and back on again.