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Training in heart rate mode

By default, the sensor transmits your heart rate signal simultaneously via Bluetooth and ANT+. You can turn the ANT+ heart rate transmission off from the Polar Flow app settings, if you want. With the Polar Flow app, you can also turn the dual Bluetooth setting on, and then use the sensor simultaneously with two devices, for example with compatible gym equipment and your Polar watch and see your live heart rate in both devices.

Before starting, make sure the Verity Sense is paired with your Polar app or watch. For details see Pairing.

  1. Turn Verity Sense on by pressing the button.
  2. Choose heart rate mode by pressing the button shortly until the LED next to the heart icon lights up. When choosing the heart rate mode, the status LED on the side lights up blue.

  3. After your choice, wait until all six LEDs light up. The sensor is then ready to measure your heart rate.

  4. Wear the sensor and start the session from your Polar watch or app.

After your training session, you can stop the recording from your Polar app or watch. Turn Verity Sense off by pressing and holding the button until the lights are switched off. With the Polar Flow app, you'll get an instant overview of your training straight after your session on your phone. If you used a Polar watch, remember to sync your watch with the Flow app or web service to view the details of your session.