Training in swimming mode

Before you can record a swimming session with Polar Verity Sense, it needs to be registered and linked to a Polar Flow account. This is done during the set up. For details, see Setting up your Verity Sense.

The Verity Sense records your heart rate, distance and pace automatically in pool swimming with the specific swimming mode. Distance and pace calculations are based on the set pool length and detected turns. The sensor detects swimming turns with an integrated gyroscope. To get the most accurate swimming metrics, it is crucial that you wear the sensor correctly. For instructions, see Wearing your Verity Sense.

  1. Turn Verity Sense on by pressing the button.
  2. Choose swimming mode by pressing the button shortly until the LED next to the swimming icon lights up. When choosing the swimming mode, the status LED on the side lights up white.

  3. After your choice, wait until all six LEDs light up. The sensor is then ready to measure your heart rate.

  4. Wear the sensor and start your training session.

After your training session, you can stop the recording by pressing the button until the lights are switched off. Then sync your training session to the Flow app or web service to view the details of your session.

The sensor automatically syncs with the Flow app when you stop the recording if your phone is within Bluetooth range. See Syncing for more information.

If necessary, you can change the pool length setting after your swimming session from the training analysis view in the Flow app, and the swimming metrics will be updated accordingly.