Polar Loop User Manual


Charging Polar Loop

When fully charged, Polar Loop can hold its charge up to six days, depending on the usage.

Polar Loop has an internal, rechargable battery. Use the USB cable included in the product set to charge your Polar Loop via the USB connector on your computer. If you want to plug the USB connector to a wall outlet, use a USB power adapter (not included in the sales package).

If the battery has drained and the display doesn't light up after plugging in, it may take up to 20 seconds for the charging animation to appear.

It takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the battery.

If you use an AC adapter, make sure that the adapter is marked with "output 5Vdc 0.5A - 2A max". Only use an AC adapter which is adequately safety approved (marked with "LPS", "Limited Power Supply" or "UL listed").

The display will rotate between the charging symbol and the battery level percentage as it charges to 100%.

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Caring for Your Polar Loop

Clean with a mild soap and water solution, dry with towel. Never use alcohol or any abrasive material (steel wool or cleaning chemicals). Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not store in a damp environment, in non-breathable material such as a plastic bag or a sports bag. Do not expose to direct sunlight for extended periods.

If your product doesn’t charge properly, or if it doesn’t connect to FlowSync, it could be because the charging area on the back of the product is not clean enough. Gently remove any dust, hair or dirt accumulated on the charging pins. Use a dry cleaning cloth - something you'd use with glasses. You can also use e.g. a toothbrush to reach all that hard-to-remove dirt in the cavity.

Do NOT use alcohol, cleaning chemicals, or any abrasive material such as steel wool.


Polar Loop is water-resistant up to 20 meters. You can wear it while bathing and swimming.

Updating Polar Loop

If new updates for Polar Loop are available, Polar FlowSync will automatically prompt you to update your device.

Polar FlowSync will synchronize all your data before resetting and updating the activity tracker. After the update, your settings will be synchronized back to the activity tracker.

Resetting Polar Loop

If you need to reset your Polar Loop, connect it to your computer and perform a Factory Reset under Settings in Polar FlowSync.

Factory reset empties all the data in the activity tracker and makes it possible to take it into use as new.

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System Requirements for Your Computer and Mobile Device

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and later

  • Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8 and later

  • Optional Polar Flow mobile app on iOS 6 and newer, compatible mobile devices iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 series and iPod touch (5th gen. or newer)

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Technical Specifications


Operating time with full charge

Up to 6 days.


25 mAH Lithium-polymer, rechargeable, non-replaceable.


USB compliant power supply or computer USB port equipped with USB type A connector.

Charging time to full

90 minutes



4 Mb


12 days of activity and 4 one hour training sessions


7 days of activity and 8 one hour training sessions.



Polar custom USB cable

The Polar Loop end of the cable is magnetized: keep it away from credit cards and iron objects.


Bluetooth Smart


Water resistance 20 m

Suitable for bathing and swimming.

Operating temperature:

0 °C to +50 °C / 32 °F to 122 °F

Charging temperature:

0 °C to +45 °C / 32 °F to 113 °F

Accuracy of heart rate monitor:

± 1 bpm. Definition applies to stable conditions.

Heart rate measuring range:

15-240 bpm



Min. 145 mm / 5.7 inch

Max. 240 mm / 9.4 inch


38 g / 1.34 oz


20 mm / 0.8 inch


85 LED lights in 5 x 17 matrix


Capacitive touch button


3D accelerometer

Bracelet Materials

Front plate and band

Polyurethane (TPU)

Front plate decoration parts

ABS + electro plating

Back plate


Back plate screws

Stainless steel

Back plate connector parts

Stainless steel


Stainless steel

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