Polar Loop User Manual


Thanks for buying the new and exciting Polar Loop!

This user manual helps you get started with your new friend. To check the video tutorials and the latest version of this user manual, please go to http://www.polar.com/en/support/loop.

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Polar Loop keeps track of all your activity – every step and jump throughout the day - and shows how it's good for you.

It'll reward you when you've done enough and help you move if there's still a bit missing from your daily activity goal.

Together with the Polar Flow web service and mobile app it's a perfect solution to get active.

The big picture: Polar Loop activity tracker, Polar Flow web service, and Polar Flow mobile app.

This Is Your Polar Loop

Polar Loop parts

  1. Display

  2. Touch button

  3. Buckle

  4. Custom USB connector

What's in the Box

Box contents

  1. Polar Loop

  2. Buckle with spring bars (attached to Polar Loop)

  3. Buckle tool

  4. Extra spring bar

  5. Custom USB cable

  6. Getting started guide with measuring tool

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