Polar Loop User Manual


Polar Loop tracks all of your activity. To get even more out of your daily sports, the Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor is an optional, but a perfect match for Polar Loop.

Pairing a Heart Rate Sensor

You can pair a Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensor with your Polar Loop activity tracker. We recommend using Polar H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors. We cannot guarantee compatibility with other manufacturer's heart rate sensors.

If you have previously used a heart rate sensor with other devices or software, make sure the sensor is not in contact with the device or software when you are pairing it with Polar Loop.

  1. Wear your compatible heart rate sensor. Make sure the electrode areas of the strap are moistened. If necessary, see further instructions from the heart rate sensor's user guide.


  2. Bring Polar Loop right next to the sensor.

  3. Tap the Polar Loop touch button and wait until the LED display turns off. Then wait a couple of seconds until PAIRED scrolls on the display.

Now your current heart rate and EnergyPointer are added to the display rotation.

If PAIRED doesn't appear on the display, repeat steps 2-3, and make sure there are no textiles between Polar Loop and the heart rate sensor.

Start the Training

To start a heart rate training session, wear your heart rate sensor and Polar Loop. Tap the touch button and wait until the LED display turns off. Then wait a couple of seconds until your heart rate appears on the screen.


You can't start a heart rate training session when Polar Loop is syncing data with the Polar Flow mobile app. Wait until the syncing sign disappears before starting a training session.

While you train with a heart rate sensor, you can't sync Polar Loop with the Polar Flow mobile app. You can sync your data after you've stopped the training session.

Your current heart rate is shown in beats per minute (bpm) figures.

Heart Rate Guidance

After your bpm number, you will see the current main effect of your training. EnergyPointer tells you during a training session if the main effect of your training is fat burning or fitness improvement.


In fat burn zone, training intensity is lower, and the source of energy is mainly fat. Therefore, fat burns efficiently and your metabolism, mainly fat oxidation, increases.


In fitness zone, training intensity is higher and you are improving your cardiovascular fitness i.e. strengthening your heart and increasing blood circulation to muscles and lungs. The main energy source is carbohydrates.

Stop the Training

To stop the heart rate training session recording, untie the strap from your chest and detach the connector from the strap.

After removing the heart rate sensor, wait two minutes before trying to use it with any other device or software.

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