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Training Summary

After Training

You'll get a summary of your training session on your A360 right after you've stopped training. Get a more detailed and illustrated analysis in the Flow app or in the Flow web service.

Training summary in A360

You can only view your training summary for the current day in A360. Go to My day and choose the training session you want to view.

Start time

The time when your session started.


The duration of the session

Average heart rate

Your average heart rate during the session

Maximum heart rate

Your maximum heart rate during the session

Training Benefit

The main effect / feedback of your session. To get Training Benefit, you'll need to have spent at least 10 minutes in Sport Zones with heart rate measurement on.


Heart rate zones

The percentage of training time spent in each heart rate zone


Calories burned during the session

Fat burn %

The percentage of fat burning calories during the session

Average and maximum speed or pace of the session

Visible only with the running-related sport profiles*

Distance covered in the session

Visible only with the running-related sport profiles*

*Running, Jogging, Road running, Trail running, Treadmill running, Track and field running, Walking, Ultra running

Polar Flow App

Sync your A360 with Flow app by pressing and holding the button in the time view. In Flow app you can analyze your data at a glance after each session. The app allows you to see a quick overview of your training data offline.

For more information, see Polar Flow App.

Polar Flow Web Service

The Polar Flow web service allows you to analyze every detail of your training and learn more about your performance. Follow your progress and also share your best sessions with others.

For more information, see Polar Flow Web Service.