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Reset A360

If you experience problems with your A360, try resetting it. Resetting empties your A360 of all information and you need to set it up again for your personal use.

Reset your A360 in FlowSync with your computer:

  1. Connect your A360 to the computer with the supplied USB cable
  2. Open settings in FlowSync.
  3. Press the Factory Reset button.

You can also reset your A360 from the bracelet itself:

  1. Press and hold the button to enter the row of icons menu. Ignore the sync/pair message and keep pressing the button.
  2. Tap the power icon to turn the device off,
  3. While the Turning off text is shown, press the button again for five seconds.

Now you need to set up your A360 again, either via mobile or computer. Just remember to use the same Polar account in the setup you've used before resetting.