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Customers from the UK please contact our Customer Care Team.
Customers from Ireland, please use Request Repair Ireland page.
Customers from Malta, before shipping, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Our service network can help you if your Polar product needs repair. Please check first whether you are able to troubleshoot your problem with the help of Polar support pages. You can find product specific support pages from the dropdown menu below. Our customer care team are also happy to help you.

Support and repair services are available for products on the dropdown list. If your product is not on the list, support has been discontinued.

Product repairs (Warranty and non-warranty)

Polar Warranty Information - Is your Warranty still valid?

Battery Replacement User Guidelines (Polar products with user-changeable battery)

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If your country is not listed on this page, please find your local contact details, retailers and stores and service points on our global site.