Polar Vantage V and Vantage M 3.2.10 firmware updates - Activity tracking update and GPS enhancements


There are new firmware updates available for both Polar Vantage V and Vantage M.

Activity tracking update

Even though Vantage is a pro-level watch series, we’ve noticed that reaching the daily activity goal has been too hard at times. We’ve now tweaked the activity tracking algorithm, and you should notice your accumulated activity will better reflect how active you’ve been during your day and reaching your activity goal should be easier. The activity guidance given in the Flow web service and app is also more accurate so following it will now get you to your goal.

Check if your daily activity goal level needs to be updated from the Flow web service or app. Open the Flow app, tap your name/profile photo in the menu view, and swipe down to Activity goal. Or go to and sign in, then click your name/profile photo > Settings > Activity goal

We recommend updating your watch as the daily activity guidance given in the Flow app and web service will not otherwise match with the calculation on your Vantage.

GPS enhancements

The new Vantage firmware also delivers a number of updates that improve GPS performance. This is an important topic for us, and since the products’ release, we’ve made several updates to improve GPS performance and data accuracy, and the work continues to further enhance them. Here’s a list of the upgrades made so far:

3.2.10 release April 29th, 2019

  • GNSS chip firmware updated - Improves Vantage M altitude data accuracy and reduces the probability of large altitude variations.
  • AGPS data is now downloaded once a day to your Vantage (previously once a week) via the Flow app (version 4.1.2 or newer for Android and iOS) when connected to your phone which improves overall GNSS data accuracy and allows faster fix times.
  • SBAS (Egnos EU & WAAS US satellites) enabled by default - Provides ground station correction data to satellites (GPS, Glonass and SBAS) which improves overall GNSS data accuracy.

3.0.10 release February 11th, 2019

  • GNSS chip firmware updated which improved accuracy at the start of training sessions.
  • AGPS data validity improved meaning better overall GNSS data accuracy after firmware updates.

2.0.7 release December 12th, 2018

  • Speed data improved - Faster reaction to changes in speed, noticeable especially in interval training.
  • Slow movement detection improved in Hiking and Other outdoor sport profiles which meant more consistent route data, and that distance would accumulate correctly when the session contained a lot of stopping and slow movement (< 2km/h).
  • Distance calculation improved - A rare bug was fixed that caused distance not to be calculated in the beginning of a session.

Update your watch on your computer via FlowSync or on your mobile via Flow app. To find the latest info on upcoming releases check out the Polar Vantage V and M enhancements page.

Version number: 3.2.10

Release date: April 29th, 2019

Improvements/fixes in this release:

  • GPS enhancements
  • Activity tracking update
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

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