Altitude measurement with V650

V650 measures altitude with an atmospheric air pressure sensor and converts the measured air pressure into an altitude reading. 

Altitude is automatically calibrated with GPS, but to get the most accurate altitude readings, it is recommended to always manually calibrate altitude when you know your current altitude. To calibrate altitude in V650:

  1. Press the side button.
  3. Give the altitude in meters/feet, depending on your setting.
  4. Tap   at the bottom of the screen.
  5. After a while, you will see a message: Altitude calibration complete.

On V650, during your session you can see your current altitude, total ascent and total descent.

The visibility of altitude measurements on your V650 depends on the training view items you have chosen.

After your session:

  • On your V650, you can see the total ascent, total descent and maximum altitude. To view your training summary later, go to HISTORY > Sessions.
  • In the Flow web service, you can see a detailed altitude graph, total ascent and total descent.

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