Editing a heart rate course

You can edit an ongoing or future heart rate course at any time. Finished courses can only be viewed.

  1. Go to Courses.
  2. Find the course on the Ongoing courses list, or use the search.
  3. Click the row or the icon to open the course.
  4. Click Edit course.
  5. View the course information and edit the necessary fields. Start date cannot be edited.
  6. Click Save. The software redirects you back to the Courses page.

For more information on adding or removing students, see Adding students to a heart rate course and Removing students from a heart rate course.

For more information on assigning and reassigning heart rate measuring devices, see Assigning heart rate measuring devices and Reassigning heart rate measuring devices.

It is possible to change the exercise target (target zone and time in target zone) in the Polar GoFit app as well. If you change the exercise target in the Polar GoFit app, the change will be synchronized to Polar GoFit.