Assigning heart rate measuring devices

Heart rate measuring devices can be assigned when the course is created or afterwards. An ongoing or future heart rate course can be edited at any time.

  1. Go to Courses.
  2. Find the course on the Ongoing courses list, or use the search.
  3. Click the row or the icon to open the course.
  4. Click Edit course.
  5. Click Assign devices.
  6. The system assigns a heart rate measuring device for each student automatically. The number of the assigned device is shown for each student. You can use the drop-down list to reassign the devices manually.
  7. Click Save to accept the reservations. The software redirects you back to the course information page.

If a student has purchased their own device to use instead of a school device, you need to register the device ID to the system. If a student has a personal device in use, the system does not assign a school device for that particular student.

Within a course, one device can be assigned to one student at a time. Within a school, one device can be assigned to several students at a time provided that they are not participating in the same course. Individual students can take several heart rate courses simultaneously, and have several devices assigned to them.

If a device is lost or broken, a teacher can assign a new device to a student in the Polar GoFit app right before the PE lesson.