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Polar GoFit User Guide for Teacher

Welcome to the Polar GoFit web service! Polar GoFit is a part of the Polar Physical Education solution. It supports both activity monitoring and heart rate monitoring. The web service enables teachers and students to track students' daily activity and the time spent in different activity zones. It also enables teachers and students to track students' heart rate data during PE lessons and the time spent in different heart rate zones. In addition, Polar GoFit web service provides a manual fitness testing system.

Teachers can use Polar GoFit for organizing courses and fitness testing. They can also follow and document each student's effort and improvement in and out of the classroom. The web service makes it easy to create reports and track long-term progress. The data can also be shared with parents and administrators.

Students can use Polar GoFit to review their daily activity and heart rate data, and test results. Polar GoFit helps them learn a healthy lifestyle.


Sign in to the web service on the Polar GoFit home page ( The first teacher user account was created when the licenses were purchased. A link to select a password for the account was provided in the welcome email. More teacher user accounts can be created after signing in. Both teachers and students use the same sign-in page.

General requirements:

  • Polar GoFit account
  • Computer with an Internet connection to access the Polar GoFit web service

To be able to hold heart rate lessons, also:

  • An iPad, and a reliable and fast mobile data or Wi-Fi connection
  • Polar GoFit app downloadable from the App Store
  • Polar GoFit compatible heart rate sensors and straps

To be able to hold activity courses, also:

  • FlowLink device, WebSync software and a free USB port for the FlowLink
  • Adobe Flash Player, if Activarium game is played.

Web browsers globally

  • Google Chrome 49 or newer
  • Internet Explorer 11 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox 45 or newer
  • Microsoft Edge 13 or newer
  • Apple Safari 6.2 or newer


  • 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, iPad Air, iPad Mini


  • iOS version 9.3 or newer

Polar GoFit app uses Bluetooth® technology and is compatible with many Polar heart rate sensors. See more information on the compatible heart rate sensors in Polar GoFit Compatible Devices.

Proxy settings

Make sure your browser's proxy settings are set correctly. Contact your IT administrator if you need help with the browser settings.

About the user guide

The user guide includes instructions for different parts of the web service. You can download the entire user guide in PDF format by clicking 'Download in PDF format' in the navigation panel on the left.

About the Polar GoFit app

Teachers use the Polar GoFit iPad app to monitor and share heart rate data during PE lessons. The data transfer between the Polar GoFit app and Polar GoFit web service is automatic.

About the Lessons for Life book

Lessons for Life is a teacher's guidebook to Polar Education Technology. It provides tips on how to use the new technology to motivate students towards an active lifestyle. The book is purchased separately.

License agreement

Each teacher must accept the license agreement when signing in to the web service for the first time. The licence agreement can be opened by clicking Legal Notice in the Polar GoFit footer.