Adding students to a heart rate course

Students can be added to the course when the course is created or afterwards. You can edit an ongoing or future heart rate course at any time.

  1. Go to Courses.
  2. Find the course on the Ongoing courses list, or use the search.
  3. Click the row or the icon to open the course.
  4. Click Edit course.
  5. Click Add students.
  6. Select the students you want to add to the course. The maximum number of students for a heart rate course is 40.

    School's students are listed on the page, grouped by classes. Expand classes to see the students available for the course. You can also select a whole class to be added. Selected students do not need to be from the same class.

    A student can participate in several heart rate courses at a time.

  7. Click Finish when you are done. The software redirects you back to the course information page.

It is possible for visiting students to participate in individual lessons provided that there are available devices and the visiting student has been added to Polar GoFit. Visitors are added to lessons in the Polar GoFit app. Visiting students' lesson summaries can be viewed via the students' personal Polar GoFit accounts.