Polar OH1 and H10 firmware updates – ANT+ now available


Polar heart rate sensors OH1 and H10 have new firmware updates available. This update brings ANT+ compatibility to the sensors. After the update you'll be able to connect the sensors to ANT+ devices receiving heart rate signal.

Update your OH1 via Flow app on your mobile or FlowSync on your computer. See detailed instructions here.

Update your H10 now also via Polar Beat app or Polar Flow app on your mobile using the latest version of the app of your choosing. If you haven't used either one of the apps, you need to pair the sensor with it first. Wear the sensor and the app will suggest the update automatically. Check detailed instructions for updating and pairing in the link below. 

With updated sensors the ANT+ connection is ON by default and the nearest compatible ANT+ HR receiver will be able to pick it up. You can turn the ANT+ connection off in the Polar Beat app settings.

Release date: April 23rd, 2019

Version numbers: H10 v. 3.0.50 and OH1 v. 2.0.10


  • ANT+ HR transmission
  • Polar SDK support
  • Battery life improvements for OH1
  • Improved OH1 interoperability with some mobile devices, including Samsung A3 and A5
  • Performance improvements and various bug fixes


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