The Polar GoFit app is now compatible with Google Chromebook!


Polar GoFit Chromebook app

The Polar GoFit app is now compatible with Google Chromebook. Polar GoFit enables physical education teachers to objectively evaluate students based on their individual efforts during PE class with real-time tracking and assessments.

With Polar GoFit, teachers can view, analyze, and evaluate every student’s physical activity during class and afterwards. By monitoring heart rate during training, teachers can gauge the effort a student is putting into a workout and monitor progress. To measure heart rate, students are fitted with a Polar heart rate sensor during class which guides them to stay within their set target heart rate zone and rewards them with badges for increased engagement. Using Polar GoFit on their Chromebook, teachers can read the data in real-time and continue to teach an entire class while coaching individual students. After the class, the data is uploaded and saved to where teachers can monitor the progress of each individual student’s training profile.

In order to track and save heart rate data, each student needs to wear a Polar heart rate sensor. The sensor can also be used with many other Polar products, both inside of school and out. Heart rate sensors can be purchased in a special 10-unit bundle from Polar. Schools can also purchase an annual license to the web service, allowing teachers to store classroom training information and grade their students based on their individual efforts.

Available as a free download from the Google Play Store, Polar GoFit and the personalized guidance it offers become accessible to more than 50 million students and teachers already using Chromebook.

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