Polar Ignite 3 firmware update 2.0.14 – Nightly skin temperature, Work-rest guide and Boost from sleep view


The Ignite 3 firmware release 2.0.14 is now available for download via FlowSync on your computer or via the Flow app on your mobile.

Nightly skin temperature measurement

The Nightly Skin Temperature measurement automatically tracks your skin temperature when you sleep. It then compares the result with your 28-day average and shows the variation to that average. Tracking the variations in your skin temperature can help you detect changes in your body's state. For more information, see the support document Nightly skin temperature.

Work-rest guide based on your heart rate

The Work-rest guide analyzes your heart rate during the work and rest phases of a training session to give you personalized guidance on the optimal time to start the work phase again. It automatically detects your highest heart rate during a set, and also monitors your heart rate during rest, and tells you when you are recovered enough to start your next set. For more information, see the support document Work-rest guide based on your heart rate.

Boost from sleep view

It’s now possible to see your Boost from sleep forecasts from the watch. The forecast graph shows how your recent sleep is expected to boost you throughout the day. The lighter the shade and higher the bar, the higher the boost level. The Boost score summarizes the daily forecast into one number to make it easy to compare between days. For more information about the details in the Boost from sleep view, see the SleepWise chapter of the user manual.

Version number: 2.0.14

Release date: June 14th, 2023

Other improvements/fixes in this release:

  • Flashlight added to the Quick settings menu
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

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