Sleepwise™ guide to daytime alertness

Polar SleepWise™ helps you grasp how sleep contributes to your daytime alertness level and readiness to perform. In addition to the amount and quality of your recent sleep, we also take the effect of sleep rhythm into account. SleepWise shows how your recent sleep boosts your daytime alertness and readiness to perform. This is what we call Boost from sleep. It helps you reach and maintain a healthy sleep rhythm and it describes how your recent sleep affects your daytime alertness. Better alertness adds up to better readiness to perform by improving reaction time, accuracy, judgement and decision-making.

To ensure personalized feedback, please make sure that your Preferred sleep time setting matches your real sleep need.

SleepWise is completely automatic and all you need to do is to track your sleep with Sleep Plus Stages compatible Polar watch. It is available in the Polar Flow app.