How do I sync my V650 with the Flow web service (Windows)?

To sync data from your V650 to the Polar Flow web service, you need to have a Polar account and the Polar FlowSync data transfer software.

Before you can sync you need to set up your V650 in the Polar Flow web service with a computer. If you have already done the setup, you have created a Polar account and you also have FlowSync software on your computer. If you haven’t set up your V650 yet, please see Setting up your V650 (Windows) for instructions.

Sync with Flow Web Service via FlowSync

V650 must be turned on and in the main view.

  1. Plug in your V650 to your computer’s USB port with the USB cable. Always connect your V650 directly to your computer’s USB port. Do not connect it via USB hub, computer docking station or USB extension cable.
  2. Wait until the synchronization starts automatically. This can take several minutes. Be patient and do not click SYNC on the FlowSync software. The Polar FlowSync software must be running on your computer’s task bar for the automatic sync to work.

    If the syncing does not automatically start, start FlowSync from the desktop icon.

  3. Do not disconnect V650 from computer or turn it off, just let the FlowSync to proceed with syncing. FlowSync status will change to Completed, once the synchronization is done.

If there’s a firmware update available for your V650, FlowSync will notify you. Always make sure to update the firmware whenever a new version is available.

Sync with Flow App

If you have set up your V650 in the Flow web service and synced data via FlowSync software at least once, you can transfer data from your V650 to the Polar Flow app wirelessly via Bluetooth connection. Remember to sync and keep your data up-to-date between your V650, the web service and the mobile app wherever you are.

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