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Resetting the sensor

If you experience problems with your Polar Verity Sense sensor, you can reset the sensor back to factory settings. Note that resetting the sensor back to factory settings empties all personal data and settings from the sensor, and you will need to set it up again for your personal use. All data that you have synced from your sensor to your Flow account is safe.

To reset the sensor to factory settings

  1. Go to and download and then install the Polar FlowSync data transfer software onto your computer.
  2. Place the sensor into the USB adapter with the lens facing up so that the contacts on the sensor and USB adapter meet.

  3. Open settings in FlowSync.
  4. Press the Factory Reset button.
  5. If you use Flow app to sync, check the list of paired Bluetooth devices on your phone, and remove your sensor from the list if it's there.

Now you need to set up your sensor again, either via mobile or computer. Just remember to use the same Polar account in the setup you've used before resetting.