Serene™ guided breathing exercise

​​Serene™ is a guided deep breathing exercise that helps you relax your body and mind and manage stress. Serene guides you to breathe at a slow, regular rhythm – six breaths per minute, which is the optimal breathing rate for stress-relieving effects. When you breathe slowly, your heart beat starts to synchronize with the rhythm of your breathing and your heart’s beat-to-beat intervals start to vary more.

During the breathing exercise your watch helps you maintain a regular slow breathing rhythm with an animation on the watch display and by vibrating. Serene measures your body’s response to the exercise and gives you real-time biofeedback on how you're doing. After the exercise, you get a summary of the time you spent on the three serenity zones. The higher the zone, the better the synchronization with the optimal rhythm was. The more time you spend in the higher zones, the more benefits you can expect to feel in the long-term. When you use the Serene breathing exercise regularly, it can help you manage stress, improve the quality of your sleep and give you a sense of improved overall well-being.

Learn more about the Serene™ guided breathing exercise in this in-depth guide.