Polar Vantage V2 User Manual

This user manual helps you get started with your new watch. To see video tutorials and FAQs, go to support.polar.com/en/vantage-v2.


Congratulations on your new Polar Vantage V2!

Polar Vantage V2 is a premium multisport watch with all of Polar's sports expertise in one package. It is equipped with advanced wrist-based heart rate tracking and GPS. With Polar Vantage V2, you know where you are with your training and can easily keep track of your progress. The training load and recovery tracking tools help you optimize your training and avoid overtraining. Test your performance and personalize your heart rate, speed and power zones with the running and cycling performance tests. The lightweight design is complemented with premium materials. Polar Vantage V2 comes with the essential smart watch features: music controls, weather and phone notifications.

The unique recovery solution Recovery Pro helps you prevent overtraining and injuries. It measures how recovered your body is and offers you recovery feedback and guidance.

Reach the ideal amount of training to perform at your very best with Training Load Pro which gives you a holistic view on how your training sessions strain the different systems of your body and how it affects your performance.

The Running Performance Test helps you keep track of your progress and personalize your heart rate, speed and power zones.

The Cycling Performance Test allows you to personalize your power zones and tells you your personal functional threshold power.

The Leg Recovery Test tells you whether your legs are ready for high intensity training in just a couple of minutes without any specialist equipment – all you need is your watch.

Music controls: Easily navigate around your playlist and adjust volume straight on your watch. Polar Vantage V2 connects to your music app and lets you control your tunes without having to take out your phone.

With Hill Splitter™, you’ll know how you performed on the uphill and downhill sections of your session. You get detailed data about the elevation profile of your training session, and you’ll be able to compare hill stats between different sessions. Hill Splitter™ automatically detects all uphills and downhills by using your speed, distance and altitude data. It shows you detailed insights into your performance, such as distance, speed, ascent and descent, for every detected hill on your course.

Stay energized throughout your session with the new FuelWise™ fueling assistant. FuelWise™ reminds you to refuel and helps you maintain adequate energy levels during your long sessions. See how your body uses different energy sources during a training session. Your energy usage is divided into carbs, proteins and fats.

Stay on the right path with Polar Vantage V2 and Komoot. When you’re pushing your limits off the beaten track, knowing your way is vital. Import routes from Polar Flow or from Komoot and follow the real-time route guidance on your watch. When you import your route directly from Komoot, you get detailed turn-by-turn route guidance.

Additional feature highlights include:

  • Advanced wrist-based heart rate with the Precision Prime™ sensor fusion technology.
  • Detailed weather data straight on your watch. Check current weather info and a 2-day forecast straight on your watch.
  • The FitSpark™ training guide makes sure you’re prepared for your pursuit to conquer the trails with ready-made daily workouts that match your recovery, readiness and training history.
  • See how well you recover from your day during the night with Nightly Recharge™.
  • Get a more comprehensive insight into the intensity of your running sessions with Running power.
  • The Swimming metrics feature automatically detects your heart rate, swimming style, distance, pace, strokes and rest times. Distance and strokes get tracked also in open water swimming.
  • Stay connected with Phone notifications from your mobile. Get alerts for incoming calls, messages, emails, calendar events and more.
  • Make your runs and rides more exciting with Strava Live Segments. Get alerts about nearby segments, see real-time performance data during a segment and check your results right after you finish.
  • Polar Vantage V2 supports over 130 different sports. Add your favorite sports to your watch in Polar Flow.

We are continuously developing our products for better user experience. To keep your watch up to date and get the best performance, always make sure to update the firmware whenever a new version is available. The firmware updates enhance the functionality of your watch through new features and improvements.

Take full advantage of your Vantage V2

You can use your watch straight from the box but for the full Polar experience connect your watch to Polar Flow, our free app and web service.

Polar Flow App

Get the Polar Flow app from the App Store® or Google PlayTM. Sync your watch with the Flow app after training, and get an instant overview and feedback on your training results and performance and let all your friends know about your achievements. In the Flow app you can also check how you’ve slept and how active you’ve been during the day.

Polar Flow web service

Sync your training data to the Polar Flow web service with the FlowSync software on your computer or via Flow app. In the web service you can plan your training, track your achievements, get guidance and see detailed analysis of your training results, activity and sleep. Let all your friends know about your achievements, find fellow exercisers and get motivation from your social training communities. To help long-term follow up, we’ve gathered all the test data in one place in the Polar Flow web service. In the Tests- page you can see all the tests you’ve performed and compare their results. You can see your long-term progress and easily view changes in your performance.

Find all this at flow.polar.com