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Polar Vantage M User Manual

This user manual helps you get started with your new watch. To see video tutorials and FAQs, go to


Congratulations on your new Polar Vantage M!

The Polar Vantage M is an all-in-one GPS multisport watch with Polar Precision Prime sensor™ fusion technology for accurate wrist-based heart rate monitoring even in the most demanding conditions. The watch is packed with tools that help you break your records and reach your goals: Reach the ideal amount of training to perform at your very best with Training Load Pro. Monitor your running progress with the advanced running features, such as Running Index and Running Programs. Choose your favorite sports from 130+ options and customize settings for each sport.

The Continuous heart rate feature measures your heart rate around the clock. Together with 24/7 Activity tracking it gives you a complete overview of all your daily activity.

Nightly Recharge™ is an overnight recovery measurement that shows you how well you recover from the demands of your day. The new Sleep Plus Stages™ sleep tracking monitors your sleep stages (REM, light and deep sleep) and gives you sleep feedback and a numerical sleep score. The watch helps you relax and relieve stress with the Serene™ guided breathing exercise.

The compact and lightweight design makes the Vantage M the ideal training companion. With the changeable wristbands, you can personalize your watch to match every situation and style.

We are continuously developing our products for better user experience. To keep your watch up to date and get the best performance, always make sure to update the firmware whenever a new version is available. The firmware updates enhance the functionality of your watch through new features and improvements.

Take full advantage of your Vantage M

Get connected to the Polar ecosystem and get the most out of your watch.

Polar Flow App

Get the Polar Flow app from the App Store® or Google PlayTM. Sync your watch with the Flow app after training, and get an instant overview and feedback on your training results and performance and let all your friends know about your achievements. In the Flow app you can also check how you’ve slept and how active you’ve been during the day.

Polar Flow web service

Sync your training data to the Polar Flow web service with the FlowSync software on your computer or via Flow app. In the web service you can plan your training, track your achievements, get guidance and see detailed analysis of your training results, activity and sleep. Let all your friends know about your achievements, find fellow exercisers and get motivation from your social training communities.

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