Using Polar Unite in stand-alone mode

You can use the Polar Unite in stand-alone mode by choosing the setup from the watch option when taking it into use for the first time. If you use your Polar Unite in stand-alone mode, your watch is not connected with Polar Flow. Note that some features require the watch to be connected to Polar Flow, and are not available in stand-alone mode. To make sure you get to enjoy your watch and the unique Polar features at their best, we recommend that you do the setup later in the Polar Flow web service or with the Polar Flow mobile app.

Features that are not available in stand-alone mode

Polar Flow provides a detailed analysis of your training, activity and sleep data

  • You'll get a summary of your training session on your watch right after you've stopped training. More detailed and illustrated analysis is available in the Polar Flow app or in the Polar Flow web service.

    In stand-alone mode your watch shows your training sessions for the last 14 days. You can open these by tapping the Latest training session watch face. In typical use maximum 30 training sessions fit into the 14 day memory. If you connect your watch with Polar Flow, all training sessions you have recorded with your watch will be saved and you are able to access them in Polar Flow later on.

  • You can see your progress towards your daily activity goal, steps taken so far, active time and calories you have burned from your watch. In Polar Flow you can also see how much time you have spent in different activity intensity levels and follow your weekly and monthly activity status in a clear, visual format. From the Activity timeline view in Polar Flow web service you can easily see all of your daily activity and health benefits with just one glimpse.
  • The Nightly Recharge status on your watch tells you how restorative last night was. You can compare and analyze your Nightly Recharge details from different nights in the Polar Flow app.
  • You can see your sleep score and sleep details from your watch for the previous night and how they compare to your 28 day average values. In Polar Flow app you can analyze your sleep habits on a weekly basis through detailed views of your sleep score, sleep structure and sleep rhythm. Sleep report in Polar Flow web service gives you a long-term view to your sleep patterns. You can choose to view your sleep details for a 1-month, 3-month or 6-month period.
  • Only the latest Fitness test result is shown on the watch. In Polar Flow web service you can see all your test results and how your fitness level has changed over time.