Connected GPS

You can record the route, speed, pace and distance of your outdoor training sessions with your Polar Unite, using your mobile phone's GPS. You need to have the Polar Flow mobile app on your mobile phone, have your phone paired with your watch, and also give the Flow app permission to use your phone's location. You only need to perform these steps once, when using connected GPS for the first time. On subsequent training sessions, you don’t need to give permission anymore, just keep your mobile phone with you.

When you open the Polar Flow app for the first time, you are asked to allow Polar Flow to use your mobile phone's location. Choose Always Allow on iOS phones or Allow all the time on Android phones.

If you need to adjust the location permissions later on you can access them by navigating to:

iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location services > Polar Flow.

Android: Go to Settings, look for application permissions. Grant the location permission for Polar Flow app. In some Android phones the path is Settings > Apps & notifications > Permissions.

To enable GPS via mobile phone

  1. Go outside with your mobile phone and watch.
  2. Open the Flow app and keep the mobile phone next to your watch.
  3. Press the button to enter the main menu, tap Start training and navigate to an outdoor sport.
  4. The circle around the connected GPS icon will turn green when the GPS is ready and your watch also notifies you with a vibration.
  5. Tap the display to start training recording.

You need to keep your mobile device with you during the training session. Note that the accuracy of the positioning data depends on the accuracy of the mobile phone's GPS. It may vary depending on the mobile phone you use.