Polar Flow App

In the Polar Flow mobile app, you can see an instant visual interpretation of your training and activity data. You can also plan your training in the app.

Training data

With the Polar Flow app, you can easily access the information of your past and planned training sessions and create new training targets. You can choose to create a quick target or a phased target.

Get a quick overview of your training, and analyze every detail of your performance right away. See weekly summaries of your training in the training diary. You can also share the highlights of you training with your friends with the Image sharing function.

Activity data

See details of your 24/7 activity. Find out how much you're missing from your daily activity goal and how to reach it. See steps, covered distance based on steps and burned calories.

Sleep data

Follow your sleeping patterns to see if they’re affected by any changes in your daily life and find the right balance between rest, daily activity and training. With the Polar Flow app, you can view the timing, amount, and quality of your sleep.

You can set your preferred sleep time to define how long you aim to sleep every night. You can also rate your sleep. You'll receive feedback on how you slept based on your sleep data, your preferred sleep time and your sleep rating.

Sport profiles

You can add, edit, remove and reorganize sport profiles easily in the Flow app. You can have up to 20 sport profiles active in Flow app and in your watch.

For more information, see Sport profiles in Polar Flow.

Image sharing

With Flow app's image sharing function you can share images with your training data on them to most common social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram. You can either share an existing photo or take a new one and customize it with your training data. If you had GPS recording on during your training session, you can also share a snapshot of your training route.

Start using the Flow app

You can set up your watch using a mobile device and the Flow app.

To start using the Flow app, download it from the App Store or Google Play onto your mobile device. For support and more information about using the Polar Flow app, go to support.polar.com/en/support/Flow_app.

Before taking a new mobile device (smartphone, tablet) into use, it has to be paired with your watch. See Pairing for more details.

Your watch syncs your training data to the Flow app automatically after your session. If your phone has an internet connection, your activity and training data are also synced automatically to the Flow web service. Using the Flow app is the easiest way to sync your training data from your watch with the web service. For information on syncing, see Syncing.


For more information and instructions on Flow app features, visit Polar Flow app product support page.