Polar FT4 User Manual


Watch Settings

Select the value you want to change and press OK. Adjust the values with UP/DOWN and confirm with OK.

Select Settings > Watch, time and date .

  • Alarm: Set alarm Off or On. If you select On, set the hours and minutes. Press BACK to stop the alarm or UP/DOWN/OK to snooze for 10 minutes. The alarm cannot be used during training.

  • Time: Select Time 1 and set the time format, hours and minutes. Select Time 2 to set time for another time zone by adding or subtracting hours. In the Time view, you can quickly change from Time 1 to Time 2 by pressing and holding DOWN. When Time 2 is selected, 2 is displayed at the bottom right corner of the display.

  • Time zone: Select time zone 1 or 2.

  • Date: Set the date.

  • Watch face: Select Time only, Time and logo or Birthday logo (Selectable only on birthday).

  • To change the Watch face quickly, press and hold UP. Watch face changed is displayed.

Training Settings

Select Settings > Training settings.

  • Training sounds: Select Off or On.

  • Heart rate view: Set the FT4 to display your heart rate as Beats per minute or as Percent of maximum.

    BPM: The measurement of the work your heart does, expressed as the number of beats per minute.

    % OF MAX: The measurement of the work your heart does, expressed as % of your maximum heart rate.

  • HeartTouch: Select On or Off.By bringing the training computer near the transmitter connector during training the time of day displayed. The backlight also lights up, providing that you have pressed the LIGHT button during the training session.

  • Zone limits help you train within your personal target heart rate zone. The default limits are based on your age or your maximum heart rate (HRmax). Changing either of these values or manually selecting new limits will change the displayed heart rate zone accordingly.

User Information

Select Settings > User Information and press OK.

  • Weight: Enter your weight.

  • Height: Enter your height.

  • Date of birth: Enter your date of birth

  • Sex: Select MALE or FEMALE.

  • Maximum heart rate is the highest number of heartbeats per minute (bpm) during maximum physical exertion. Change the default value only if you know your laboratory-measured value.

General Settings

Select Settings > General settings.

  • Button sounds: Select button sounds On or Off.

  • Units: Select Metric (kg/km) or Imperial (lb/ft). By selecting lb/ft, calories are displayed as Cal, otherwise they are shown as kcal. Calories are measured as kilocalories.

  • Language: Select Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Portuquês, Suomi or Svenska.